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Update: The Milburn $500,000 Challenge was met in December 2015 and a groundbreaking ceremony was held on May 17, 2016.  Currently, the foundation for the building is complete and the building is scheduled to be erected starting the first week of June, 2017. Thanks to everyone who donated to make the museum a reality!  Fundraising efforts continue to raise funds to furnish the new museum and pay for daily operating costs. There are many naming right opportunities available for you and/or your family, such as, offices, display cases, benches in the Craig theater, outside exhibit areas, etc. Please consider donating!


Formerly Santa Fe Depot Museum

Bldg. Fundraiser

ATTENTION! The Pottawatomie County Museum will be closed to the public after December 27, 2017 while the parking lot is being rebuilt. Estimated closing is approximately 120 days.